+372 712 4005 [email protected]

We are proud to run a XRP Ledger Validator and be part of the recommended UNL. We are fully committed to the growth of the XRP ecosystem, and will continue to provide this validator for many years to come. We are not affiliated with Ripple in any manner.

Our validator ID is:

The status of our validator can be checked here:

Our validator runs on bare metal hardware clustered with a stock server. Access to the all the servers are only by key based SSH, and access is strictly monitored. No ports other than those essential for the proper running of the rippled software are open. No additional software runs on our validator and stock server nodes. We use enterprise SSD disks in a RAID configuration. Our validator is connected on a gigabit port with guaranteed bandwidth. Additionally, our validator is protected against DDoS at the network edge.

We strive to achieve 100% uptime, and will do everything keep as close to that as possible. We consider our validator as a critical part of the XRP ecosystem, and part of the ongoing community efforts in this regard. We apply OS patches and relevant software updates on a scheduled basis. We will always provide that information in advance on public channels, where possible. Any unscheduled downtime will be attended to on a 24x7 basis, with priority. We have multiple monitoring systems in place to ensure that any outage does not go unnoticed.

Additionally, we have hot standby servers of identical configurations, and also the ability to failover to an entirely different Data Center, should that need ever arise, where we again have hot standby servers.

We believe in transparency, and provide information about our node here : https://alloy.ee/ripple.txt

Our contacts are publicly available, and you will get a human response for valid queries and doubts about our validator. Finally, we undertake to ensure that our validator will always remain unbiased and free from any interference. In order to do that, we will only trust other validators who we feel maintain the same standards that we impose upon ourselves. At this point of time, this list is restricted to the recommended UNL.